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In girls' lacrosse, only the following optional headgear is allowed. Not to be mistaken for a helmet, the outer shell of  headgear is made of soft materials that allow for safer head-to-head contact between a girl wearing the headgear and another with no headgear. In contrast, the goalie must wear a helmet, which has a hard outer shell.

In 2021, the findings from a three-year research study measuring the effect of protective headgear use by female high school lacrosse players were presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ National Conference. The researchers reported that the use of headgear that meets the ASTM standard F3137 significantly reduces concussion rates. The findings indicate that concussion rates among high school girls’ lacrosse players not wearing headgear were 59% higher than those wearing headgear. Read more on USA Lacrosse and a preprint of the study on medRxiv.

The goggles are integrated into the headgear which also features a slot at the back to easily accomodate many hair styles (high braid, pony tail, etc.). To learn more, see the Cascade Headgear Safety Booklet. and the Women's Lacrosse Headgear FAQ.

Cascade LX Headgear: White (official color for Northshore Girls Lacrosse)